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Providing consultations in all areas of the administrative process (planning, organizational, coordinating, staffing, evaluating, and controlling)

Managing and organizing seminars, conferences and workshops

Construction or service , physical or electronic

Managing websites

Valuation and marketing of health facilities

Coordination between owners and operators of hospitals

Arranging and coordinating the licensing of health facilities

Assisting institutions, companies and public utilities

to qualify to obtain quality certificates from the specialized bodies that are approved locally and internationally

Conducting and analyzing statistical studies

to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to identify the level of availability of manpower, equipment, devices, materials, or any other goals the organization wants to rate it

Conducting studies

to measure the level of satisfaction of the auditors with the services provided to them.

Conducting studies

to measure the level of satisfaction of employees with the administration and the benefits provided to them.

Coordination between clients and their service providers

inside and outside the Kingdom, using the quantitative method to obtain high quality services and competitive prices


Coordination and development of relationships

 between health service providers and health insurance companies.


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Ahmed El Kassy



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